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Our Story


Answer4u’s reputation as the UK’s leading Telephone Answering Service certainly didn’t happen overnight. Our journey started over ten years ago and the quality of service principles we set out from day one, have been meticulously maintained throughout the continuous growth of our business.


We train all our telephony staff to treat your client’ calls as if they are our own, offering a warm, friendly and personable approach that creates a genuine lasting impression of your company’s professionalism to your valuable customers.


All of our clients’ calls are answered via our very own 24/7 UK Call Centre located in Nottingham City Centre, so we can 100% guarantee the quality of the service you receive at all times.


Your customers will always be your number one asset so choosing the right partner to handle your calls is an important business decision that you will only want to have to make once. Having been in business since 2004, Answer4u has the experience, technology and advanced infrastructure in place to make your final decision a reassuringly easy one.

Our People


We’re proud to have one of the highest staff retention rates in the Call Centre industry. That means we have a team of experienced Call Management Telephonists who understand how important that first call, and every call thereafter can be. We are proud to operate as an extension of your business and this is reflected in the level of service that we provide.


With 4 weeks of intensive initial one to one Telephone Answering and Call Management training followed by ongoing support and remote monitoring, all of our agents are required to pass every call they answer on the following points:


Confidence is an integral part of our training, all our new agents are put through intensive training and coaching before they are deemed ready to handle live calls on behalf of our clients.


This is also a crucial part of our training and ongoing coaching, we believe that a calm professional tone is important to help keep your call times down and ensure that your clients are treated with the respect they deserve.


All our agents are taught to remain calm under pressure, and remain polite in any circumstance, we pride ourselves in being able to handle clients of any nature, and often can help to calm and reassure clients in any situation.

Active Listening

Active listening is also something we actively coach our staff to engage in, our agents are trained to be use their initiative and critical thinking skills, they capture all the information and are able to probe and extract more information that benefits your company.

Data Integrity

Our agents are also monitored on their ability to capture accurate information, we always seek to check spelling and repeat numbers ensuring your leads information is captured effectively.

Special Requests

We also provide extensive training and integrate FAQs and on script aids in order to help guide our agents portray your company image and provide as much useful and accurate information as possible, ensuring your clients needs are always being met.

Our new Inbound Call Management Telephonists are given a ‘call group’ which defines what types of calls they can and can’t receive based on their current skill level.


Once they have proven themselves and achieved the required standards on the lower skilled Call Management groups, they progress up our group structure where complexity is steadily increased in line with relevant training.

Our Technology


We feel that our customers deserve the best Telephone Answering Service possible, and the best service possible demands the best Call Centre technology available. With continued investment in our resilient technology infrastructure, our levels of service are never compromised by out of date or sub standard solutions. This means that your Answering Service never suffers, and your business will continue to operate whatever the situation.


We can confidently offer you an uninterrupted, resilient Telephone Answering Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We do this by employing:


  • Separate and diverse fibre internet connections, with different entry points, different providers, and load balancing for maximum efficiency.
  • ISDN30 and SIP telephone technology from separate providers with auto routing and failover to ensure no disruption to service.
  • An instantly deployable home worker disaster recovery solution across multiple disparate locations, dormant and ready to be invoked in the event of a disaster.
  • Full power backup to all systems, including servers, backed by UPS and an on-site Generator on continuous standby.
  • Two independent mail servers with replication to ensure resilience for all call messages.


Effective communication is the backbone of our business goals; with this in mind it makes sense to deploy the best telephony equipment on the market at every level. Our telephony systems include:


  • Future Proof phone systems and advanced noise cancelling headsets.
  • Future Proof PBX phone switch technology to provide a high speed, high quality service.
  • Scalable SIP and analogue line capacity to allow for your unexpected call spikes and seasonal increases in demand.


Having a resilient infrastructure is one thing, but at Answer4u we know that preparation for any event is peace of mind for you. As a result, we deploy:


  • Auto scheduled physical data backup and software replication.
  • Time and date logging to allow us to return to a specific previous point if required.
  • Virtualisation technology for further increased resilience.

IT Support

Your customers’ requirements can change at a moment’s notice, and this requires a high level of business agility. As customers’ requirements evolve so too does the Telephone Answering technology required to support them.


Having an in-house highly skilled IT team including Microsoft Certified, Cisco qualified and .NET developers enables Answer-4u to provide and develop solutions for our clients’ every need.


Our IT team’s philosophy is, ‘if an IT solution can improve the service we offer to you, and it doesn’t exist, we will build it to your specifications’. This includes:


  • Customer software integration such as FTP and HTTP post.
  • Web portal access for number control and call statistics.
  • Inbound call agent response to email support.
  • Custom built diary systems which can be updated on an ad-hoc basis.


Industry standard scripting software means your telephone answering requirements are mapped out to ensure a seamless call flow. Written by one of our experienced script writers we consistently achieve the perfect balance between efficiency and high quality Customer Service.


Not only do we use advanced software in house to monitor our Call Centre efficiency, we also give you the ability to monitor and quality check your own calls, giving you the peace of mind that we are delivering excellence in all aspects of our service. We do this by providing:


  • Web portal access to all call statistics in real time.
  • Time stamped call action e.g. 12:01 call ringing at Answer-4u, 12:02 call answered.
  • Fully accessible call recordings of up to 7 days (longer periods available on request).
  • Call recordings available to monitor on the move or download to a local device.
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Our Company Directors

Sarah co-founded Answer4u along with her husband Mark in 2004 and has helped guide Answer4u through her expert insight and business analysis. With the help of her finance team our clients and our company could not be in safer hands.

Sarah Menhennet – Finance Director

Mark Menhennet, co-founder of Answer4u has over 20 years’ experience in the Client Contact Centre industry and provides an energetic hands-on approach that his team can always rely on.

Mark Menhennet – Managing Director

David is a Co-Founder of Answer4u and manages some of our longest standing client relationships. He brings a vast wealth of experience to the CS Department and maintains an approachable, professional attitude which greatly benefits the team and our customers.

David Chapman – Customer Service Director

Our Management Team

Sally-Ann brings over 22 years of call centre experience to Answer-4u. She has worked in various roles and positions within the call centre industry and has helped revolutionise our own call centre. She enjoys maintaining a positive and hardworking atmosphere and is always on hand to assist.

Sally-Ann O’Neill – Head Of Call Centre Operations

Stuart joined the company in Oct 2012. With a background in operations and procurement from roles in the UK and the US he brings experience from SME and Multinational companies. Stuart oversees daily operations and strategic and long term planning.

Stuart Wilson – General Manager

Since joining Answer4u over 8 years ago, Danielle was identified as a competent agent and strives to deliver excellent Customer Service. Since joining the team she has developed from one of our Call Agents through the ranks to her current position.

Danielle Conroy – Customer Services Manager

Luke is a long-standing member of Answer4u and has more than 10 years’ experience in the industry. After joining the company in 2006 he has been involved with all areas of the business and built our IT department into what it is today.

Luke McGrane – Head Of IT

Charlotte is Mark’s daughter, she joined Answer4u as a call agent shortly after finishing college over 6 years ago. Developing a keen interest in sales, customer services and strategy she worked in a variety of client facing roles before taking on her current position.

Charlotte Menhennet – Sales Manager

Peter is a Chartered Accountant and has joined Answer4u relatively recently. He has embraced Answer4u’s business ethics and friendly culture. He has also been impressed by the quality service his team provide to their customers, assisting with a wide variety of queries.

Peter Miller – Head Of Accounts