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River Canal Rescue


As a company that prided itself on great customer service we wanted to ensure that our provider could commit to doing the same. We wanted to find a company that could provide 24/7 support, handling all of the calls when the office was closed and also assisting with overflow when the team were on calls as we can experience increases in call volumes seasonally.


We realised that what we do is very complex and that the additional expert knowledge required to handle the calls is something that is built up over time. In the early stages of the account we worked very closely with our Account Manager to develop a triage system for the team to use, which would guide them to diagnose the correct issue. This has been adapted and amended over time as our needs have evolved.

It is really important for us that a provider could integrate with our CRM system as not doing this would have generated additional work for us.  We also wanted our team to be able to see the overflow calls as they were raised and the out of hour’s jobs in real time.


We have an extensive callout process in place which ensures that the correct member of staff is awoken during an emergency situation but that calls are not made unnecessarily.

Having the ability to call upon additional staff during peaks in call volume and gain a full team when we are closed has been brilliant for us. We have even had to utilise Answer4u as part of our disaster recovery plan after a fire at our premises. I would recommend that anyone who is looking for additional support speaks to Answer4u, even if you have difficult requirements!


Charlotte Perry – Office Manager

Apple Loans


As a busy credit broker each enquiry we receive is highly valuable to us, our marketing had been working well but calls were being missed and customers weren’t leaving voicemails.  It quickly became apparent that in order to get the most out of our marketing campaigns and ensure a healthy ROI we needed to make sure that all our calls were answered immediately.  I contacted Answer4u and found their Sales Team were extremely professional and gave me all the necessary information we needed to make an informed choice, once we signed up to the service the Customer Service Department were quick to make contact with me and within 48 hours our service was live and calls were being answered.  Now that our calls were being answered quickly and efficiently I had the confidence to increase our marketing activity further and with the added benefit of 24/7 365 coverage we could start advertising at weekends which we wouldn’t have been able to do before.


Answer4u use a unique method of scripting to ensure that their agents gather all the necessary details we require on each message they send through; in the early days we simply used the service as an extension of our reception however over time our scripting evolved into a more comprehensive solution better tailored to our very specific needs.  We worked very closely with our Account Manager to build this new solution which is designed to prequalify our new enquiry callers to ensure they meet our initial criteria which in turn helped us to better prioritise our hot leads for an immediate call back.  As well as providing telephone answering Answer4u also provide Apple Loans with numerous telephone numbers for our advertising, this helps us to track the success of each advert but also ensures we can use various brands all of which have their own separate bespoke scripting, some of which are more detailed than others but the flexibility is hugely important to our ongoing success.


We have been working with Answer4u since 2011 and their service has been invaluable to us, the advantage of knowing we have 100+ agents available to take our calls whenever we need them has without doubt helped us to grow the business.  They have never let us down, they are always quick to update our account and resolve any queries we may have.  In all honestly I wouldn’t trust anyone else with our calls and we would highly recommend them to any business that requires support with their phone calls.


Nick Sutton – Owner | Director

Telesales Data


We are a very busy Database Bureau and are often out of the office due to client meetings or securing new business contacts. We were unavailable to answer our existing clients or respond to potential leads quickly enough and risked losing them to our competitors. With this in mind we decide to take a proactive approach and opted to trial a telephone answering service. The journey of finding the right company to work with that could become an extension to our business proved to be quite difficult and we were left wanting more by several other suppliers. Fortunately we found Answer4u and have been using them for nearly five years.


We have a bespoke account written around our specific requirements and divert calls to Answer4u at any time of day all year round. The calls are filtered into call types and different information is captured by their agents dependent on the nature of the caller. They also turn away unsolicited cold callers and only forward messages that are relevant to our business. This is always done in a very efficient and professional manner.


Using Answer4u has meant that our employees can focus on responding to new leads or our clients’ queries in a timely and effective manner. This has helped our business secure more contracts and grow as company. The customer service team respond to our queries promptly and consistently making any script changes we require in response to our own business requirements. I would fully recommend this service to any company looking to grow their business whilst keeping costs to a minimum.


Jeff Hitch – Senior Partner

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