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Business Growth

Business Growth May Sound Simple – But It Means a Step Change

Growth in business can either revolve around increasing the amount of whatever you’re already doing, or it can be focused on adding new elements to your portfolio. However, whichever way you choose to expand, growing your business isn’t as simple as just increasing your customer base and orders – there’s a lot going on behind […]

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Planning to Succeed with Your New Business Venture

After completing phase one of the entrepreneurial process (investigation and research) and deciding you want to move ahead with your idea, you now need to move into the crucial second phase – planning. When a project goes wrong, plenty of critics often come out of the woodwork, proclaiming their own version of “If you fail […]

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3 Funding Options Every Entrepreneur Needs to Consider

Alternative finance is becoming increasingly popular with the development of innovative crowd funding platforms as well as the wealth of entrepreneurs developing new ways to help finance startup businesses. These new platforms have been a response to banks declining business loans or credit card borrowing to over a quarter of small to medium sized businesses. […]

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