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There’s More to Growing a Business Than an Increase in Turnover

As your business grows, your turnover should increase, but so too will the elements needed to produce that increase, for example, the right staffing, premises, production equipment and investment funding. As a result, business growth means an increase in responsibility for a business owner, with more to keep an eye on and more input needed […]

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Buying a business property

Buying a Business Property – Is It Right for You?

You’ve taken the plunge and launched your own business. You’ve got the IT and infrastructure all set up, you’re taking people on and building up your reputation and the contracts are flying in. Or perhaps you’ve been established for many years and now you’re ready to grow and develop your business further. However long you’ve […]

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Making a Call on Customer Service Outsourcing

Answering the phones may seem like a simple part of running a business – we all do it all the time, so how difficult can it be? Actually, as an integral part of offering excellent customer service, how you answer customer service calls is crucial to get right if you want to succeed as you […]

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Crisis Management – Plan for a Crisis to Avert a Disaster

The word ‘crisis’ may automatically bring with it a certain sense of dread, but with the right amount of planning for the unexpected, companies can face down crisis situations (even if only through a role play) and come out the other side unscathed. After all, a crisis by its definition is a situation where you […]

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The Importance of Staff Training

When you employ someone new there can often be the danger of expecting a little too much too soon. While someone may look great on paper and indeed be a highly skilled individual, by failing to put emphasis on the importance of employee training you can sometimes miss their full potential and cause a few […]

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How Small Businesses Can Profit From Social Media Marketing

Social media generates a lot of excitement amongst SME Owners and Managers. All too often that initial excitement is followed by a sense of frustration and disappointment. The potential that the owners had seen in social media to transform their business fortunes simply hasn’t materialised – and the business is left having invested a lot […]

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