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Why Your Business Should Be Your ‘Mastermind’ Chosen Specialist Subject

Once you’ve successfully launched your business, you can enter phase four of the entrepreneurial process – operating and monitoring. During the start-up phase you should have identified and addressed any areas of immediate concern, and you now need to monitor your operations for any ongoing issues that affect the overall running – and profitability – […]

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Planning to Succeed with Your New Business Venture

After completing phase one of the entrepreneurial process (investigation and research) and deciding you want to move ahead with your idea, you now need to move into the crucial second phase – planning. When a project goes wrong, plenty of critics often come out of the woodwork, proclaiming their own version of “If you fail […]

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Taking Your First Steps on the Entrepreneurial Stage

The seven stages of entrepreneurship are a bit like Shakespeare’s celebrated ‘Seven Ages of Man’ from the play As You Like It – but in a world where you get to select the exit strategy of your choice. While Shakespeare’s text claims all the world is a stage and the men and women merely players, […]

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