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Artificial Intelligence and Automation: The Future of Customer Service?

In the ever onward march of modern technology, we humans have sometimes felt uncomfortable about the increasing automation of telecommunications – from machines calling us with recorded messages to switchboard operators replaced by numbered menus to choose from. However, we seem to be turning a corner, with many people now happy to communicate with devices […]

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What is a telephone answering service

What is a Telephone Answering Service?

Answer4u Explains What A Telephone Answering Service Is And What It Isn’t A Telephone Answering Service is an outsourced business provider of specialist operatives who answer calls on your company’s behalf. Whenever someone calls your business telephone number, they can take messages and undertake specific key business processes in real time. This saves your business […]

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The Recruitment Problem

Recruitment brings a whole host of problems for businesses, not least of all because it can be a highly time consuming process that doesn’t always end with the desired hire. Onrec recently reported that SMEs spend £2.9bn on interim recruitment alone. What’s more, it was also reported that HR professionals lose “three-and-a-half days (27 hours) […]

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Is Poor Time Management Preventing Business Growth?

Most people assume that the pesky issue of time management is ironed-out at school, and thereafter in our adult lives managing our time is a small if not completely obsolete problem. In reality of course we know that time is something we’re all chasing, whether we’re running a business or running a home, but the […]

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Effective Business Diary Management

Any company will understand the importance of keeping an accurate business diary. It’s a key organisational tool for many businesses and can be the difference between a company that expands and one that does not. Mismanagement of such an integral aspect of your business can lead to all manner of problems later down the line […]

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