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There’s More to Growing a Business Than an Increase in Turnover

As your business grows, your turnover should increase, but so too will the elements needed to produce that increase, for example, the right staffing, premises, production equipment and investment funding. As a result, business growth means an increase in responsibility for a business owner, with more to keep an eye on and more input needed […]

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Business Growth

Business Growth May Sound Simple – But It Means a Step Change

Growth in business can either revolve around increasing the amount of whatever you’re already doing, or it can be focused on adding new elements to your portfolio. However, whichever way you choose to expand, growing your business isn’t as simple as just increasing your customer base and orders – there’s a lot going on behind […]

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What Makes An Ideal Agent At Answer-4u?

When you choose Answer-4u to represent your company, we know that you’re placing a great amount of trust in us. Your customer satisfaction and retention depends on our company showing competence and quality, and that’s why our recruitment requirements are a top priority when we hire. It’s not just the usual politeness and organisation we […]

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The Recruitment Problem

Recruitment brings a whole host of problems for businesses, not least of all because it can be a highly time consuming process that doesn’t always end with the desired hire. Onrec recently reported that SMEs spend £2.9bn on interim recruitment alone. What’s more, it was also reported that HR professionals lose “three-and-a-half days (27 hours) […]

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Interview Questions That Will Test a Candidate’s Imagination

We know what you’re thinking, why on earth would a candidate’s imagination matter? Unless of course the job opening is for children’s author or film director? Well, imagination, we would argue, is a fundamental part of what makes a good employee. Think about it, when problems arise and no one apparently saw it coming, it’s […]

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